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Pond Site Suitability

Is Your Site Suitable for a Pond ?

Not every site is.  It is important to do your homework to determine if your site is suitable for a pond addition. 

Determine your pond site suitability before you start digging.

The size of your pond depends upon your watershed and the lay of your land.  Analyzing the watershed will determine whether there is sufficient water runoff to fill your pond and keep it filled as well as determine your tile needs to avoid water washing across your driveway and washing it out.


To have a one acre pond, you need 10 acres of watershed to keep the water level up.  A normal pond is typically a half acre.  We have excavated ponds up to five acres. 

You can contact the soil and water conservation district in your county for help with this. They are free but are often slow — the turn-around-time may not fit in with your project's timeline. 

As an alternative, we can help you analyze your site's suitability and give you a fast turn-around time.

WHEN IN DOUBT, Dig a Test Hole

The first step towards determing suitability is to dig a test hole.  If you hit clay, then more options are available to you than if you hit gravel. 

A clay base will hold water, regardless of the surrounding water table.   This allows you to have a permanent pond.

A gravel base will not hold water.  At this point, your only option is to build a water table pond or to haul in clay and build a base, several inches thick, to hold the water permanently.

Residential Pond Excavation

How Long Does It Take to Dig a Pond?

A typical half-acre pond takes one and a half (1.5) weeks of excavation work.  A one-acre pond takes about 2-3 weeks.  In the pond digging business, it's all about moving dirt and these estimates will vary depending upon the ease or difficulty of your site.

One factor that affects the price is whether your dirt needs to be hauled to a remote site or not.  The closer the place to place the dirt, the more economical the price.



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